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Professional planetary mixer for mixing and emulsifying. Planetary-mixing action ensures perfect results. All the spare parts for the bowl, hook, whip, beater are made of stainless steel. Heavy duty and abrasion resistant transmission design.

All the spare parts: Bowl, Hook, Whip and Beater are made of premium Stainless Steel. Heavy Duty and abrasion resistant transmission design.
  • Amperage: 9
  • Watts: 1100
  • Hp: 1.5
  • Material: Stainless Steel Tools | Painted Cast Iron Base
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1 year Parts & Labor.


Not suitable for Pizza, pita or bread DOUGH. Stop the machine to change speed. Do not mix DOUGH at middle or High Speed.
  • Mixing Speed: 106/180/387 rpm.
  • Maximum Kneading Capacity: 13 lbs/hr

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