48" Chrome Plated 4-Burner Countertop Griddle

Save $1,800

$4,199 $5,999


Features & Specifications:

  • ​Heavy duty stainless steel structure
  • 4 burners - 30,000 BTUs per burner (120,000 BTUs total)
  • Thermostatic temperature adjustment for better heat control
  • Uses natural gas - includes propane adapter kit
  • Highly efficient stainless steel burners with stand by pilot
  • Heavy duty 1" Chrome griddle plate for even heating​ and temperature stability 
  • Independent temperature controls for each burner to save gas
  • ​Stainless steel plate to catch food drippings
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet to keep the cooking surface level and stable
  • ​​​3/4” NPT gas inlet manifold 
  • 1 year parts & labour warranty
  • ETL certified

Width : 48 in.
Depth :  34 in.
Height : 16 in.
Net Weight : 500 lbs
Gross Weight : 575 lbs
Cooking space : 24" Deep x 48" Wide


Chrome Plated Cooktop

This chrome plated cooktop’s superior heat retention ensures a cooler kitchen and saves up to 30% in energy compared to standard stainless steel griddles. The chrome also prevents sticking, browning, and flavor transfer yielding a higher quality product. Unlike standard griddles, chrome plated griddles take 45% less time to clean leading to significant savings in time, labor, and money.

Cooler Environment

Chrome radiates less heat to the air, but still transfers heat to your burgers, steaks, and other products more efficiently than a traditional griddle. This makes for a cooler kitchen, less money spent on air conditioning, and happier staff with less than 10% of heat from a normal griddle circulating through your kitchen.


On average, chrome griddles take 45% less time to clean than standard steel plate griddles saving you time and money. Not only that, the chrome plate does not absorb food particles. This greatly reduces flavor transfer, so ingredients with potent flavors such as onions and garlic will not carry-over into subsequent meals. However, chrome is a delicate material and requires extra attention in order to retain all of its benefits.

Energy Efficient

This chrome cooktop boasts an astronomical 30% or more energy savings over traditional griddles, leaving you with more room in your budget. With a quick start-up, this griddle is highly efficient and will quickly transfer heat to your food.

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