RCM-36L Salamander grill - 48,000 BTU

Blue FlameSKU: RCM-36L



The RCM-36L salamander grill is a stainless steel countertop or wall mounted gas salamander. It features 6 cast iron burner with infrared system. The 5-position, adjustable grilling rack delivers perfect results, from crispy chicken to delicately broiled crab cakes.

Product Specification

* Stainless steel structure
* 6 Cast iron burner with infrared system, total 48,000 BTU/hr 
* Infrared burner can cook food much quicker 
* Spring-balanced lifting system, easy to adjust 
* Grills can be rolled out for easy loading, unloading and cleaning 
* Grill stopper to prevent grills falling off 
* 5-height locking position to have different temperature 
* Continuous pilot for instant ignition of main burner 
* Stainless steel crumb tray to collect dropped food 
* Wall mounting kit included for saving kitchen space 
* Can match 36" or 60" ranges (Kit to be ordered additionally) 

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